Babalu appears in the cartoon Alley to Bali from 1954.


A Balanese woman named Babalu is tasked with sacrificing sailors to her volcano god otherwise her village will be destroyed. When she sees Woody Woodpecker and Buzz Buzzard in their sailor oufits, the beautiful Babalu performs a sexy dance to get them to follow her. The boys go crazy after gazing at her swaying hourglass figure. So they fight each other while chasing after her. At times it seems like she is moving her arms so fast from behind some bushes that it looks like she has multiple arms. She uses animals to help her, such as a female gorilla who is wearing the same hat who Buzz thinks is Babalu and accidentally winds up in her arms getting kissed twice. The gorilla is disgusted by Buzz's bad breath however. Babalu leads the two sailors up to the volcano but they manage to get away. After this they swear off women forever, but then they think they spot Babalu's multiple arms behind a rock. So they get incredibly turned on and go after her. It turns out that Babalu was using a gigantic blue eyed pink octopus with red lips to pull off that illusion from behind the bushes earlier. With tentacles around their necks the octopus finds both of them attractive and starts to kiss them. Unfortunately she too turns brown in disgust after kissing Buzz Buzzard.

Babalu entices Woody Woodpecker and Buzz In "Alley to Bali."


While Babalu is attempting to sacrifice Woody Woodpecker or Buzz Buzzard's lives she doesn't seem evil or malicious. She seems to take a liking to both of them, playfully dancing and flirtingly motioning for them to come to her. She just has to sacrifice their lives to save her village and her people, but she doesn't seem all bad.

- We do not know what is Babalu's final fate. It's possible that the volcano god killed her and her people for not satisfying his hunger. Or perhaps Babalu later tricks another two sailors into sacrificing their lives. I suppose the happiest outcome would be if the volcano god realized that eating sailors was too much trouble and decided to stick to vegetables. Given how disgusted everyone was after kissing Buzz Buzzard (and even a man eating plant turned brown in disgust after tasting him) it's at least a possibility that the god would become a vegetarian after that. This way Babalu could live in peace for the rest of her days.

- This is one of the few times Woody Woodpecker does not get the girl. Even if he was to approach Babalu after the short chances are he would get romantically ravaged by the pink octopus before he even got close. The female gorilla might want him too. Buzz Buzzard would probably be safe from both abhorrent admirers.