Chilly in "Clash And Carry"
Background information
Gender: Male
Species: Penguin
Born: Unknown

(Created in 1953)

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Created by: Walter Lantz
Paul J. Smith
Voiced by: Sara Berner (Original voice: 1953)

Daws Butler (1954-1972)

Grace Stafford (1963-1968)

"Wee" Bonnie Baker (Singing voice in the openings: 1956-1961)

Frank Welker (1999-2003)

Chilly Willy is a cartoon character, a diminutive anthropomorphic penguin living in Fairbanks, Alaska, although the species is native only to the southern hemisphere. He was created by Paul J. Smith for the Walter Lantz studio in 1953. The character soon became the second most popular Lantz/Universal character, behind Woody Woodpecker.