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Background information
Gender: Male
Species: Woodpecker
Born: 1956 (age 5-10)
Created by: Walter Lantz
Voiced by: E.G Daily

Knothead is Woody Woodpecker's nephew. He is very intelligent to the point where he and Splinter (his sister) can use laser blasters with ease. He is quick witted Like his sister. He is smaller than Woody. They commonly annoy Woody (once to the point that he sent them to Military School) with all their accidents when he is reading a book or napping, for example, accidentally dropping three wet bowling balls onto Woody's head while he was napping. Many believe that Knothead's aunt is Winnie Woodpecker because Woody and Winnie have gone on many dates in The New Woody Woodpecker Show. Knothead does not have the name 'Woodpecker' in his back, but many still call him 'Knothead Woodpecker'. Both he and his sister are somewhat superstitious and are often quick to assume. One time he and his sister brandished laser blasters to scare off Buzz and Tweaky.


Walter Lantz YearsEdit

Knothead first appeared with Splinter in Woody Woodpecker comic books. They were often babysat by their uncle Woody, Knothead was named 'Nuthead' and Splinter was a boy.  

However in 1956, Knothead and Splinter would later appear in several Woody Woodpecker cartoons alongside their uncle, starting with their first animated appearance 'Get Lost!' Nuthead was renamed Knothead and Splinter was recasted as a girl. One particular one features Woody telling them about the history of woodpeckers. 

The New Woody Woodpecker ShowEdit

Knothead and Splinter appear in the reboot where they star in their own segements. After season 3, their segements were dropped and they starred in Woody's cartoons once again. 

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