Life Begins For Andy Panda

Title Card

Life Begins For Andy Panda
is a 1939 Walter Lantz short film. It is the debut of Andy Panda, who would go on to star in 24 cartoons.


The story begins with Finchell Broadcasting Station telling the news that the panda family had their first baby. All of the forest animals rushed to see the new baby. All the animals were excited to see him and shouted to name the cub. Mama Panda made the decision, to named him Andy. The arrival of a skunk caused them all to run away. 6 months later, Papa Panda was talking with Andy about to appreciate Mother Nature, until Andy looked under a tree with his slingshot and hit an opossum and the opossum stamp on Papa Panda's foot. After Papa opines that Mother Nature has no place to live, Andy starts to cry. While they're talking, they start to leave the forest and enter a barren area. Papa warns Andy about the savage Pygmy hunters that live in the wasteland. Andy runs away from his dad into the wasteland and Papa runs after him and lands in a trap, presumably made by the hunters. The hunters spot Andy and begin to chase him. Finchell announces their plight to the animals and they gather to form a rescue mission. Mr. Whippletree, a turtle, was the first animal to attempt to rescue Andy but he failed because a hunter had his shell. Mama Panda joins the action and fights off some pygmies. A kangaroo successfully put Andy in his pouch but he was distracted by a pygmy while another one slapped the kangaroo's behind with a plank. The skunk, who had six months earlier scared the animals chases the pygmies away and the animals cheer and Andy is rewarded by Papa. Andy wishes that the events would be put in a Newsreel and Papa, about to spank him, instead decides to snuggle Andy. As the cartoon ends, Mr. Whippletree the turtle, is seen chasing the pygmy who took his shell.


  • Debut of Andy Panda.
  • Original title: Pygmy Trouble