Ms. Meany as seen in the original Woody Woodpecker cartoons

Ms. Meany is a character from the Woody Woodpecker short films and The New Woody Woodpecker Show. She is easily aggravated, which she blames on an unspecified medical condition. Her appearance looks like a cross between Popeye character Olive Oyl and a pelican.

She is also Woody Woodpecker's landlady who tells him that he will be kicked out of his home if he does not meet with his rental agreement (which is a very long one that lists every possible thing Woody might have to do for Ms. Meany).

In The New Woody Woodpecker show she is at times displayed as having feelings for Wally Walrus, mostly for comedic effect. Once she left his body covered with lipstick marks. Sometimes he reciprocates while under the influence of a love potion or cupid's arrow. In the final episode of the series, Wally flirted with Ms. Meany only to distract her. Unfortunately for him, she took it seriously, held him tightly and kissed his cheek endlessly.