Smedley in "Fractured Friendship"
Background information
Gender: Male
Species: Dog (Sometimes he forgets that he isn't a Human)
Born: Unknown

(Created In 1954)

Created by: Tex Avery
Voiced by: Daws Butler (1954 - 1971)

Billy West (1999 - Present)

Smedley is a character that appeared mainly in the Chilly Willy series of Short Subjects, as well as appearing in the Chilly Willy Segments of The New Woody Woodpecker Show. He is often at odds with Chilly, going against him to further his own goals, wither they be protecting his business(es) or guarding something belonging to his master, though he and Chilly are more often foes than friends, Chilly still likes him, and has gained his friendship in many shorts.