Tomcat Combat is the 89th animated cartoon short subject in the Woody Woodpecker series. Released theatrically on March 2, 1959, the film was produced by Walter Lantz Productions and distributed by Universal International.

Plot Edit

Philbert, a large, hungry tomcat, sees Woody and gives chase. Woody goes up and down a tree, over rooftops, down a chimney, out of a window and over a fence, with the tomcat in close pursuit Finally, the tomcat catches Woody and is ready for a good meal when heis stunned by a sharp blow on the head. Dizzily turning, he sees Humane Officer Willoughby holding a newspaper, the caption of which reads "New law protects woodpecker from cats". The humane officer makes the tomcat tell Woody that heis sorry, and that he will not bother Woody any more. The tomcat pats Woody on the head and treats him tenderly until the humane officer moves out of sight. With the humane officer gone, the tomcat starts after Woody, whois cornered. The humane officer shows up again at the opportune moment to protect Woody. Finally, Woody enters a dog pound, with the tomcat close behind. In the battlethat ensues, the tomcat jumps a fence and falls into a large trash can. Woody ties a rope to the can and then attaches the other end of the rope to an outer-space missile, which zooms to Mars as Woody and the humane officer watch it disappear into space through a telescope.